Care Confidence is a family-run home care provider

Family-run home care

About Care Confidence

Care Confidence is a family-run home care provider founded by Alex Strange.

Alex was inspired to start the company due to his own personal experience when his father, Arthur, developed vascular dementia and his mother, Sue, became a full-time care giver. Sue didn’t want strangers coming into their home every day to care for her husband, she felt no one could care for Arthur as well as she could which is when Alex saw an opportunity in front of him where he could combine his knowledge from 15 years experience in the care industry, his qualification as a registered nurse and his own experience with his dad to create a home care provider that would not only deliver the highest quality care at home but also instilled trust and confidence in its clients, as if they were being cared for by a family member.

Alex runs Care Confidence with his partner, Maria, who also has her own experience caring for her grandad when he developed dementia. Together, they have had multiple interactions with different home care providers and have both been exactly where you are today, looking for the best possible people to take care of their loved ones. We strive to make our clients feel that Care Confidence is not simply the care company they use, but an extension of their own family.

Why choose us

  • Consistent Care

    We strive to send the same Care Specialists every time, providing our clients with consistency is a top priority for us so that you know you will always be receiving the best care.

  • Affordable Nurse Led Care

    All of our care plans, risk assessments and care packages are completed by a dementia specialist registered nurse at great rates.

  • Transparent Care

    Families have access to up-to-date care notes that our Care Specialists complete during every visit, so you can always feel reassured that your loved one is in the best hands, even if you're not there.