Dementia Action Week 2021 – How to Get Involved

This week (17th – 21st May 2021) is Dementia Action Week. Dementia is an umbrella term given to a group of symptoms associated with the decline of the brain’s functionality, including memory loss and slower thinking speed.

At Care Confidence, we take pride in offering our clients with dementia the very best level of home care services, covering Sefton and the surrounding areas.

With over 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and still so much uncertainty surrounding the condition, Dementia Action Week is incredibly important for raising awareness and helping the general public to better understand the condition.

Below we have put together a few ways to get involved with this important week.


There are countless ways to fundraise for a cause. From sponsored walks to running a stall at a fair, the money you can raise can go towards charities and organisations that are here to help support dementia patients live a happy life with their condition.

Fundraising can also go towards the research involved in helping to find a cure. There is currently no known cure for dementia which is why it is incredibly important to show continued support for these organisations.

In the meantime, at Care Confidence, we, of course, continue to provide our home dementia care services in Sefton and surrounding areas to help make sure our dementia patients are happy and content.

Raise Awareness

With so much uncertainty still surrounding dementia, unless you have a family member or friend who deals with the condition, it’s unlikely that you truly understand how the symptoms can affect a person.

Whether it’s through distributing posters and flyers, taking part in events, or spending time to volunteer with your local dementia or Alzheimer’s charity, you are doing your bit to raise awareness and help people become more aware of the condition.

Take Action Individually, or as Part of Your Community

Raising awareness is something you could do individually, or you could get a group of people in your local community together.

Whether it’s putting together a fundraising event, group volunteering or distributing flyers throughout your local area, there is power in numbers and any support you can give is one step closer to helping more people with dementia to get that level of care they need and deserve.

Sign the ‘Cure the Care System’ Petition

There may not be a cure for dementia, and whilst we provide the best level of dementia care in Sefton, the government can go even further with regards to funding and support for care staff across the country. There are still many families in the UK caring for someone with dementia that can’t receive or access the services they require.

You can read more about the Alzheimer’s Society’s petition here.

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