Here at Care Confidence, we try to deliver our services at competitive and reasonable prices. For anyone not able to fully fund their care, your local council, providing you meet the requirements, will either contribute towards the cost of your care or fully fund your care. At the bottom of this page are some useful links to help you look into funding your/your relatives care.

How they assess whether you are eligible for funding

Sefton Council determine whether you are eligible for funding by assessing your capital. Your capital includes:

  • savings held in cash or bank accounts
  • premium bonds, stocks and shares
  • property and land that you own or partially own
Your CapitalWhat you will have to pay
Over £23,250You must pay all of your care fees (known as self-funding)
Between £14,250 and £23,250Your local council will contribute to your care fees and you will pay the rest
Less than £14,250Your local council will pay for your care. Your capital will be ignored and won’t be included in the means test however, they will still take your eligible income into account

How to apply for funding

Before any local council can contribute to your care fees, you will need a care needs assessment carried out by your local council, it is free of charge.

The needs assessment is an evaluation of a potential care receiver which will determine what type and level of care they need.

Sefton Council funding factsheet PDF

Here is the link to apply for a needs assessment

Age UK paying for homecare

Sefton council website ‘paying for care in sefton’ page: