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Respite care is temporary care.

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Respite Care

Respite care is temporary care. It is there to support family and carers when they are in need of a break, for as long as needed.

At Care Confidence, our Sefton carers are on hand to provide respite care for those who need it in the local and surrounding areas.

It could be from just an hour or two, up to months. No matter how long our clients are in our care, they all receive full care packages tailored around their individual needs.


Why Choose Respite Care?

Everyone needs a break now and then, even full-time carers. If you are a carer and for whatever reason, you need to hand over your responsibilities for a certain length of time, our Sefton home care providers are here to help.

Our home respite care services mean that if you need to run errands, or something unexpected has come up, you don’t need to worry about the family member or friend that depends on your care.

Our professional team have years of knowledge, experience and training to ensure all of our clients are well looked after and follow their preferred care regimes in the comfort of their own home.

Dementia Respite Care?

Care Confidence provides dementia respite care to help support you and your family in what can be a difficult time. Based in Sefton, Merseyside, our family-run service offers personable and tailored respite care for those living with dementia. We understand the difficulties that can come with caring for loved ones with dementia, so we provide a sensitive respite service that allows you to take a break from caregiving, whilst maintaining a high standard of care for your loved one.

At Care Confidence, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that is tailored around each client. Our respite care services for dementia can be carried out for however long or short you need us. We understand each client requires a unique service and we aim to match clients with careers that best suit their needs. Care Confidence was founded and is led by a fully qualified and reliable dementia specialist nurse. Our passion for delivering the best possible care means that we go above and beyond to meet our client’s every need. Choosing respite care for dementia can be a difficult decision to make. That is why we come to your home, making the process as seamless and natural as possible for all of our clients.

At Care Confidence our clients have the assurance that their loved ones will be receiving a fantastic care service with one of our experienced team who has been hand-picked to meet your needs. Our dementia respite care aims to keep your loved ones in their home for as long as possible, giving them suitable care whilst they maintain their independence. Our care services aim to keep our clients as healthy and happy as possible. When using Care Confidence for dementia respite care, you know you will be receiving a professional and personal service throughout.


How We Can Help

Whether it is a couple of hours for you to head to the shops, or you need to take an extended period of time away from home – whatever your reason for seeking respite care, we can help.

With no judgement passed whatsoever, you can rely on our care professionals to tailor our services to suit the needs and requirements of your loved one.

From dementia care through to personal care services, we can provide a full range of services to look after your family member or friend, until you return.

Based in Sefton, our full range of home care services are available across the local area and in surrounding towns including Crosby and Bootle.


Get in Touch

To let us know about your respite care requirements, please get in touch with our reputable home care providers in Sefton today.

Give us a call on 0151 374 0302, or send us an email to You can also leave us a message using the online contact form.


What is respite care?

Respite care is temporary care that allows family or carers to take a break from caring for someone. This temporary relief gives them an opportunity to look after themselves and can often be a necessary break to prevent them from burning out. Respite care acts as a support system for families and carers who need it most.

How long can respite care last?

Respite care can last for as long as the current carer requires temporary relief, it largely depends on personal circumstances. This could only be a matter of hours to take time out to run errands or it may be multiple months, allowing the families and carers to fully rest and recover.

What is residential respite care?

Residential respite care is a temporary stay within a care home that allows for a break for the current carer. This short-term care can give some necessary time off for the carer and allow them to rest and recover, helping to prevent them from burning out and providing them with an opportunity to look after themselves.

How much does respite care cost?

Respite care depends largely on the length of time for which an individual is in care. At Care Confidence, we understand that for many, care can be an expensive proposition. That is why we always aim to deliver our services at affordable rates. For those who may require additional funding, your local council may contribute towards the costs, find out more about how to apply for funding on our website.

How to get respite care?

Simply let us know about your respite care requirements and our team of professionals will be able to give the necessary advice on which respite care services best suit your needs. If you require respite care services in Sefton, get in touch with Care Confidence today.

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